A Graphic Novel About Kid’s Fears and the Power of Play

Flatmunder72dpiAt the heart of this fun story is the following idea: when we change how we think about things, they change too! Written and illustrated by Emmy® Award winning animator and ThinkPlay Partner, Mark Greene.

The little girl across the street tells six year old Bernard there are flat witches in his bathroom and Bernard begins to worry… a lot.

Then, one night, with the help of a new friend named Flatmunder, Bernard comes to better understand the chaotic and hilarious flat witches, eventually understanding that when we change the way we think about things, they change too…

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Written in conversation with couple and family therapist Dr. Saliha Bava, and co-authored with six year old Gus Greene, Flatmunder is designed to help families explore ways to play with life’s fears, large and small, and by exploring these fears, transform them into sources of discovery and empowerment.

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