VIRAL IMPACT: Male Emotional Suppression in a 30 Second Video

We created this animated infographic of the cycle of male emotional suppression in March of 2016. It has since been watched over 350,000 times on Facebook. There are a number of aspects to the Facebook comments section which are atypical of comments that accompany most viral videos.

1) The number of shares around 7,500 far outnumbers the “like” with number about 950. Typically, the opposite is true on viral content with likes greatly outnumbering shares. As shares are a more substantial commitment to viral content, saying in effect, “hey, you need to see this,” we feel this speaks to the emotional impact of the video that so many people share immediatly without bothering to like the video.

2) Along with many more complex and emotional comments, many commenters simply are simply writing another FaceBook user’s name. That is all. People are asking other specific individuals to come see it.

View the video with comments on our Remaking Manhood Facebook page.

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