Hello, I’m Gus Greene! I’m fifteen, and I’m a Dungeons & Dragons Game Master in New York City. I’m hosting workshops online during Covid-19 for kids who want to learn and play D&D online. My goal is to help kids learn to play the game while having a fun, relaxing time. I design complex stories, make mini figures, maps, encounter maps, and other game materials. Here’s my intro video.

If you are between the ages of 11 – 16 and want to learn to play D&D, or already know how and just want to enjoy time playing, join my six session game workshop. Each workshop is made up of six three hours sessions that take place twice a week for three weeks. (Next dates at bottom.) After we set up all players’ characters, the workshops are “learn as you play” so we get into playing right away.

Gus’s battle map and game pieces. The battle takes place in a warehouse.

Sessions are twice a week for three weeks utilizing Zoom and Dischord. Game sessions last three hours each from 3 PM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. Workshop is $75 per player or $12.50 per session. Each 6-week workshop is limited to six players. A minimum of four participants will be required for the workshop to make.

Players will come away with a practical understanding of:
• Game mechanics/basic rules
• Strategy
• Improvisation and teamwork

Character illustrations by Gus.

Contact Dad for scheduling

If you would like more information on our six week workshop, email my dad, Mark Greene at mrkgreene@gmail.com.

The next workshops will take place during the weeks of May 24 – June 12, Classes will take place either on Monday/Wed or Tues/Thurs from 3 – 6 PM Eastern Standard Time depending on demand. We’ll poll for the best combination of days.
Email Mark Greene, mrkgreene@gmail.com for registration and payment options.