About our book

Growing our children’s relationship super powers!

Couple and family therapist Saliha Bava, PhD, and author/illustrator Mark Greene explore our powerful relational capacities through comics, fables and articles, charting a playful and transformative path to growing our children’s relational intelligence. Over 200 pages on raising kids to connect, collaborate and innovate.

From the introduction:

When we, as parents, commit to growing our family’s relational intelligence, we have the opportunity to raise citizens who will center interconnectedness,  relational processes, and the empowering art of co-creating for tomorrow’s world.

For example, by learning to listen with curiosity and ask questions, we acquire the art of being fully in conversation with others, learning how to learn.

By activating the capacity to stay playful (not only as kids, but into adulthood), we gain the confidence to reconfigure, improvise, adapt, and be agile in a complex changing world.

By learning to frame and reframe our stories, we learn the art of how to make meaning, create value, and how to shape what’s coming next.

By learning to track context, we come to understand how we are influenced by our histories, circumstances both past and present. We learn how we are culture makers and thus how we can shift and re-shape context on a grand scale.

And last, but not least, in becoming makers and co-creators, we don’t just learn to manage uncertainty, we learn to intentionally embrace it as a powerful collaborative tool and a generative force.

Our book’s purpose is to spark the conversations that will highlight and grow our children’s relational intelligence.

The Relational Book for Parenting