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ThinkPlay Partners is the creative partnership between Saliha Bava and Mark Greene. The couple write, speak, and produce workshops designed to explore the creative edges around culture, play and relational practices. ThinkPlay Partners publishes books, videos, and web content around the transformative power of centering our relationships.


Saliha Bava, Ph.D., a Couples and Family Therapist, is an Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Mercy College. She teaches systems thinking, relational and collaborative-dialogic practices. For 20+ years, she has consulted, designed, and implemented performative/play-based and dialogic processes within organizational, community, family, learning, and research systems. She is an advisor at the Taos Institute’s Ph.D. Program and M.Sc. Relational Leading Program. She is a board member of the International Certificate Program in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices and served on the American Family Therapy Academy Board. She has published and presented internationally on collaborative and performative perspectives, leadership, trauma, cross-cultural relationships, digital life, research, and teaching/learning. Her research is focused on cultivating practices for engaging emergence through play.

Dr. Bava is the co-author of The Relational Book for Parenting.

For more information about Saliha’s work, visit Saliha’s website.


Keynote speaker and author Mark Greene writes and consults on relational practices, diversity/inclusion and masculinity for organizations world wide. Greene writes, speaks, coaches and consults on the challenges we face as men raised in man box culture. He is the author of the groundbreaking The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

As a co-founder of ThinkPlay Partners and as a Senior Editor for the Good Men Project, Greene has spent over a decade deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity. He is uniquely positioned to help men, individually and in organizations, create a healthier more connecting vision of masculine culture and identity. His newest book, The Little #MeToo Book for Men has been called “a blueprint for men’s liberation.” He is a Senior Editor at the Good Men Project, a co-founder at ThinkPlay Partners, and the founder of the Remaking Manhood community, which is dedicated to expanding the conversation about masculinity. 

Mark’s articles on masculinity have been shared half a million times on social media with 20 million page views. He has written and spoken about men’s issues at Salon, Shriver Report, Huffington Post, HLN, BBC, and the New York Times.

Mark is also the author of Remaking Manhood, and co-author, along with Dr. Saliha Bava, of The Relational Book for Parenting.

For more information on Mark’s work, join his Remaking Manhood community on Facebook or visit RemakingManhood.com

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