Saliha Bava, Ph.D., a Couples and Family Therapist, is a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Mercy College. She teaches systems thinking, relational, and collaborative-dialogic practices. For 30 years, she has consulted, designed, and implemented change and reflective action learning processes within organizational, community, family, learning, and research systems.

As a Taos Institute Associate and advisory board member, she facilitated the development of the M.Sc. Relational Leading Program and served as a Taos Doctoral Program advisor. She is the Director of Research and consultant to the International Trauma Studies Program, NYC. She is a co-founding board member of the International Certificate Program in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices and served on the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) Board. She has published and presented internationally on DEI, collective trauma, collaborative and performative perspectives, leadership, play/performance, creativity, research, and teaching/learning. Her research is focused on relational intelligence for inclusion.

Dr. Bava is the recipient of the 2023 AFTA Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy and received a Leadership award from the City of Houston’s Disaster Mental Health Crises Response Team for the Katrina response in 2005. Dr. Bava is co-author of The Relational Workplace and The Relational Book for Parenting.

Mark Greene is an author and activist who speaks, consults, and coaches on diversity, equity and inclusion, dominance-based Man Box culture, and relational practices for organizations worldwide. Mark works with organizations and individuals to overcome the challenges created by retrogressive workplace cultures. Mark’s client list includes, General Mills, Société Générale, Sephora, AOL, Bank of America, Catalyst, and The Better Man Conference.

Mark is the author of The Little #MeToo Book for Men, and Remaking Manhood, and co-author, along with Dr. Saliha Bava, of The Relational Book for Parenting and The Relational Workplace. Mark is co-host of Remaking Manhood, the Healthy Masculinity Podcast, available on all major streaming platforms.