Remaking Manhood, Newly Updated and Expanded for 2018

Remaking Manhood

“Mark interweaves his own deeply personal stories with a salient and powerful deconstruction of manhood in America.”

Remaking Manhood is a collection of Good Men Project Senior Editor Mark Greene’s most popular articles on American culture, relationships, family and fatherhood. It is a timely and balanced look at the life affirming changes emerging from within the modern men’s movement.

Mark Greene’s articles on fatherhood, men and emotional expression have received over half a million social media shares and twenty million page views.

Greene writes and speaks on men’s issues for the Good Men Project, the Shriver Report, the New York Times, Salon, the BBC and the Huffington Post.

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

Mark Talks Man box Culture on the ManTAlks Podcast
Mark Joins Jennifer Brown to talk about the Little #MeToo Book for Men
Mark Talks Boy’s Emotional suppression on the BBC
Mark, Talking about the evolution of manhood on the Uplift Connect Podcast
Mark talks manhood on Date/able
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